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By donating to PhotoVoice, you can become a corporate supporter of our work, and receive an exclusive supporter package for your organisation, including: 

  • 5 images of your choice from our projects portfolio, ready for display.
  • 50 copies per quarter of Photo Voices, our acclaimed quarterly publication which showcases images from our projects.
  • A supporter page on our website, acknowledging your support. We can also supply content for your website or publications about our work. 
  • Logos featured in our published materials.
  • A talk and presentation from a PhotoVoice team member about our work. 
  • A free place on PhotoVoice’s acclaimed participatory photography training course for a nominated individual, worth £525.
  • Invitations to exhibitions and events throughout the year.

Corporate sponsorship packages start at £5,000 per year and can be tailored to suit your organisation’s individual needs. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor please download our brochure here



Why Support PhotoVoice?

We are a unique charity which uses participatory photography to address a variety of issues. We are not a single-issue organisation, so your support will be helping to tackle a wide range of topics across many different countries. 

PhotoVoice prides itself on its ethical approach to community engagement, working in partnership with local grassroots organisations and leaving infrastructure and training in their hands.

Last year, 84% of our income was spent on our projects and communications work, so all donated funds are put to the best use possible. 

We do not utilise exploitative fundraising techniques. We ensure that each image shared from our projects has the full consent of the individual who took it.

By combining creative expression, advocacy, and communications skills through photography, we are helping ensure that people can reframe the world.

About PhotoVoice

Since 2003, we have worked all over the world on over 75 projects, addressing issues as diverse as climate change, women’s rights, HIV/AIDS, political engagement, education, child sexual exploitation, and many more.

By working in partnership with local organisations and communities, we have helped to build photography, communications, and advocacy skills in underrepresented groups, ensuring that those who are often in front of the lens are able to tell their side of the story to the individuals and organisations who should listen to them.

Our projects have a long-lasting impact and bring about demonstrable positive change

From helping to inform the design of projects and programmes by major international NGOs, creating new resources for service providers and frontline workers, and presenting case studies at the United Nations, PhotoVoice has used photography to communicate the authentic perspective of underrepresented communities worldwide.

We have delivered projects in partnership with the British Red Cross, the Overseas Development Institute, NSPCC, Save the Children, Christian Aid, Comic Relief, and many more.

Find out more about PhotoVoice here

Our Projects

Having Our Say

A multi-year programme in partnership with Barnardos, NSPCC and others, which addresses child sexual exploitation in the UK. Workshops with young people affected by – or at risk of – sexual exploitation has led to new resources, toolkits and activities for practitioners being used across the UK.


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Delivered in partnership with Sense UK, the project worked with a range of service users of the Touchbase centre, who were affected by visual or hearing impairment. Through sensory photography, participants were able to share their views on the centre, and create new materials for raising awareness about deafblindness and the work of Sense UK. 

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Community engagement in Indonesia working with women affected by overseas migration, led to local, regional and national policy change, using their stories as the basis for advocacy efforts. 



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Working in Ethiopia, this partnership with Christian Aid helped design a multi-year programme addressing climate change. Community evaluation using participatory photography in a region with low-literacy helped ensure that Christian Aid’s programme fully understood and engaged with the individuals it supported.



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Picturing Progress

Working in Zimbabwe, this collaboration with the British Red Cross evaluated their long-term programme on food security which provided key insights and learning to ensure that their subsequent projects would understand community needs and perspectives.



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Development Progress

A partnership with the Overseas Development Institute explored what was working and why on a range of international development programmes, with projects taking place in Nepal, China, Peru, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Tunisia. The subsequent images and case studies contributed to exhibitions at the United Nations in New York and the Royal Geographic Society in London, amongst others. 

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© Tom Elkins 2015 | PhotoVoice | Sense | ‘Touch Base’ | UK

PhotoVoice's Reach

PhotoVoice has an extensive network of supporters, with regular points of engagement each month. We have:

Around 7000 people signed up to our monthly newsletter

11,000 Twitter followers

Around 4,000 Facebook Likes

Around 1,300 members of our participatory photography LinkedIn Group

Around 14,000 page views per month to our website




PhotoVoice for Corporate Social Responsibility

PhotoVoice’s methodology has a key role to play in monitoring and evaluation. 

Many of our projects have used participatory engagement to evaluate the impact of a project or programme, providing qualitative insights and case study materials to fully understand impact on a community. 

If your organisation has a corporate social responsibility programme, PhotoVoice can provide a bespoke project to fully understand the difference it has made. 

By strengthening your evaluation through participatory photography, you will gain valuable insights, strong communications materials, and a rich visual record of the impact of your work. 

PhotoVoice projects are ethical and sustainable, and have a long-lasting impact in building relationships between decision makers and the communities they are working in. 

To find out more about commissioning PhotoVoice to work with your organisation’s CSR work, contact:

© Miguel Amortegui | PhotoVoice | Overseas Development Institute | ‘Development Progress’ | Ethiopia

© Miguel Amortegui | PhotoVoice | Overseas Development Institute | ‘Development Progress’ | Ethiopia

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