New skills, and finding inspiration

Avlon, participant in the project ‘Having Our Say 3‘, talks about her experiences of working on a PhotoVoice project.

During the summer holidays I took part in an amazing group activity called PhotoVoice Having Our Say. It was an educational, fun and eye opening experience. The group activity itself was taking pictures to tell our story. I had lots of fun doing this and working in a team I slowly got to know about the team members and about myself.

Image by Avlon, from Having Our Say 3

Image by Avlon, from Having Our Say 3

I was referred to PhotoVoice through NSPCC because they thought it would be beneficial to me and it truly was – I would recommend it to anyone! It helped me so much with my confidence and people skills and I found I was very comfortable and relaxed and that I could be myself during the sessions and this was because of Becky and Helen who did an amazing job at leading us through the course.

I want to talk a little bit about what the course is and why it’s so brilliant; it is about telling your story of sexual exploitation and I feel part of getting over something is by expressing the way you feel in many different ways and not just talking because this is difficult sometimes and this is why PhotoVoice is such a brilliant experience.

Image by Avlon, from Having Our Say 3

Image by Avlon, from Having Our Say 3

I also love that it’s not just this, it is also about learning a new skill that will stay with you your whole life. Many people want to do photography but don’t know how to start so this is a great way for them to find inspiration for photography.

I would definitely recommend the experience am very grateful for it and proud of what I have achieved.

For more information about Having Our Say 3, visit the project page.

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