Vision and Mission

PhotoVoice’s vision is for a world in which everybody has the opportunity to represent themselves and tell their own story.

Our vision and mission

PhotoVoice’s vision is for a world in which everybody has the opportunity to represent themselves and tell their own story

Our mission is promote the ethical use of photography for positive social change, through delivering innovative participatory photography projects. By working in partnership with organisations, communities, and individuals worldwide, we will build the skills and capacity of underrepresented or at risk communities, creating new tools of self-advocacy and communication.

Why photography?

Photography is a highly flexible tool that crosses cultural and linguistic barriers, and can be adapted to all abilities. Its power lies in its dual role as both art form and way to record facts.

It provides an accessible way to describe realities, communicate perspectives, and raise awareness of social and global issues.

Its low cost and ease of dissemination encourages sharing and increases the potential to generate dialogue and discussion.

How do we work?

Working in partnerships with other charities, NGOs and community organisations, PhotoVoice designs and delivers tailor-made participatory photography, digital storytelling and self-advocacy projects for socially excluded groups.

Our pioneering and award winning approach brings together arts, media, development, campaigning, and social change to deliver projects that enable voice, build skills, deliver advocacy and work towards sustainable change.

We ensure that we:

    • Design and develop projects specific to communities, issues and needs, and based on engagement with them
    • Promote the imagery produced from the projects utilising media, events and exhibitions
    • Provide consultancy, training, materials and resources to organisations wishing to use participatory photography in their work

We undertake our activities in line with our Statement of Ethical Practice.

Where do we work?

PhotoVoice works in the UK and internationally with individuals, local communities, and partner organisations.

Please visit our Projects Page for more information about where we have worked.

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